Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Holiday Update Part X: Rectify!


Yesterday I posted my Dutch Artillery Train. Good friend Thomas pointed out to me that the uniforms of the troopers were actually grey not brown as I have depicted them. I've checked this and it's true... Even so I am not of a mind to re-do the troopers and will leave them brownish, but if you are planning to do these then please mind the fact that the uniforms are indeed more greyish then brownish...

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "the voice in my head screaming: "Do better research! Never trust your pc screens settings, always double check!"


Ray Rousell said...

No, you've painted them the correct colour, they used cheap dye when their clothes were made, then they've been trudging through the mud and stained them brown. -1 when firing and put them on a charge!! ;0)

Sander said...

I like the way you're thinking ;-)

Pijlie said...

"And of course Dutch artillery teams traditionally took turns in pushing the guns through the mud. Ever so often the gun would jerk loose and the pushing artilleryman would fall face down into the mud. He then had to roll quickly to the side to avoid the next gun crushing him. Obviously this would leave the uniform brown after even a few rainy campaign days. The Dutch expression "aanmodderen" (Mudding on) has survived the touch of time even to this day"

Brig-Gen Ret. H. Mallebrootje, WO, ONL, VC in his book: "Dutch military traditions and other unlikely phenomena"