Monday, 8 August 2011

Holiday Update Part X


Today a little piece I have been working on for some time now, well it has been sitting on my desk for some time  I mean. When I got HäT's Austrian Artillery sets I meant to use the equipment, not the crew as I don't do Austrians for the Napoleonic Wars. Looking through some pictures in my uniformplates folder I stumbled along this pic:

It reminded me of the mentioned HäT sets and so I went about it to create a Dutch 1815 artillery train. On it's formation in 1813, after being freed from the French by Russian, Prussian and British troops, the new United Kongdom of the Netherlands was very much impoverished and loads of materials were supplied by the Allies. Most notably the UK but some stuff also came from the Austrians, or British made stuff meant for Austria.

Without further ado:

Cheers Sander

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Anonymous said...

These figures really good, I have never seen anyone else do Dutch artillery limbers. Excellent idea-I will be copying this!