Thursday, 29 December 2011

Les grenouilles bleu! Part I


The Christmas Holidays are gone and past, and boy did Santa bring me lots of nice stuff! More on that in a later post first up and long overdue is a post on my latest project. While I am in the process of finishing the Napoleonic Polish Grenadiers for Uwe, I came to an agreement with Paul and Ian from Crush The Kaiser games. They blew me away with their demo game at the Crisis in Antwerp last November. It was a huge West-front table peopled with  20mm plastics and some metals. They fitted right in amongst all the 28mm mainstream "big boys" and in my honest opinion looked far better then most... Now for their next project, of which I am not going to tell too much here, they'll be needing a 60 odd French Marines or Naval Infantry. Since I did a conversion way back when the Early War French Infantry from HäT was released we decided I'd have a go at these. Here's part one of the WIP of these figures.

Below are the regular privates with green stuff bonnets, quite a lot of work to be honest...

To get a bit more diversity I converted most of the command figures, I used weapon arms from other HäT sets (WW1 American Infantry and Colonial Indians) and so head-swaps with WW1 Airfix Brits.

Finally up are two painted test figures. If you take a look at my original conversion (see link above) you'll notice I used a darker blue for the uniforms this time and also did the equipment in the regulation black leather as featured in The French Army 1914 by André Juneau.

I do hope Paul and Ian are content with these!

The Crush the Kaiser project is very much a project born of love for the hobby not a commercial firm as such. Therefore progress on website and rules might be a bit more slow then you'd be used from a professional firm but all the same very much worth your while!

Cheers Sander

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peter said...

You did some great work on these Sander. I like the bonnets and also the colors you've used. Can't wait to see the whole bunch painted!


Nick Grant said...

Very nice work. The painted product looks great!


Pijlie said...

Fantastic stuff! Can you shed a little light on their next project?

Sander said...

@ All: Thanks chaps!

@ Pijlie: well check were the marins were put in action and check the Crush The Kaiser blog and put 1 and 1 together...