Monday, 17 December 2012



For some time I've had a lot of 20mm white metal civilian figures lying around. Some of these are from CPmodels others are from Elhiem. The civilians are mostly WW2 civies but mainly I am going to use them for my Great War games as scenery or scenario objectives. Their first outing however will be a participation game of All Things Zombie this Friday at the school where Mark and I work. There's a Christmas celebration of sorts in which teachers give "workshops" featuring their, non-school related hobbies" and so we decided to host two tables of ATZ games. The rules are easy to learn and will make for great fun!

Here are the pictures:

Male refugees:

Women and children:

Henchmen (these are really Gestapo officers but I will use them as henchmen for...)

The Doctor :

An as of yet still un-named hero...

Hope you like them!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Dance of Death" by Iron Maiden


paulalba said...

They came up well Sander

Ogilvie VC said...

These are better than a lot of the 28mm paint jobs Ive seen Sander. Well done.