Saturday, 22 December 2012

Holiday Zombie Infestation


Huzzah it's Christmas Holiday over here, two weeks of no school. Yesterday we had a Christmas celebration of sorts at the school where Mark and I work and it included a round of workshops provided by teachers in which they presented their non-school-related hobbies to the pupils. Naturally Mark and myself hosted a wargame: due to the easy to learn rules and the all-round appeal of the Zombie theme we went for ATZ.

Here you can see the two tables we set up:

- Capture Doctor Z:

- Search and Rescue:

Since I hosted the Doctor Z scenario, capture the evil Doctor who unleashed the Zed virus) I have taken more pictures of that game then the other one hosted by Mark.  


The Special Forces team had to search each building in order to find the Doctor.

Mostly the buildings contained...zombies:

Resulting in two troopers getting knocked down and eaten..

Meanwhile more and more Zeds gathered outside; when you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise because there's a Zombie-picknick!

As happens in games of ATZ pretty much everybody gets eaten in the end so...

Meanwhile in the city things were heating up too!

Finally the bell sounded indicating the end of the Celebrations and some pupils went home accordingly, a lot of the other players remained behind to finish the game. Because I had to do some other school-related chores Mark took over and we merged the two player groups on the wood table. Stupidly I forgot to ask how the game ended and whether the Doctor was captured. But regarding the way things stood when I left, I gather everybody ended up in the Zombie's pick-nick basket :-)

I totally forgot to mention that most of the zombies were painted by the kids of the school-mini-painting-club. They also got the chance to play with their mini's against the survivors.

That makes an end to this episode watch out for any Zeds threatening you're Holidays and take the warnings of the instructional video below to heart!

Cheers Sander,

Listening to: "Industrial Silence" by Madrugada


Ogilvie VC said...

I bet the kids enjoyed the zombie wargame a lot more than the science teachers butterfly collection.

Very educational movie and some great Xmas ideas for the kids....youre never stuck for what to buy someone when theres a Zombie Apocalypse.

Sander said...

You're damn right there! Have a nice Holiday!

Mark Tinnemans said...

Here's hoe it ended:
All troopers, whether driving around in a truck or blowing themselves up while making a new door attract a massive amount of zombies. The helicopter was called in but landed in an impossible position. All hope seemed lost.

Then some collegues needed assistance and I left the game a few minutes. The (usually) trustworthy students played on, and upon returning two of the troopers had somehow escaped with the professor, leaving one of their collegues in rambo-mode tot deal with the zombies.

Ray Rousell said...

Great to get the youngsters involved in our mad hobby! It looks like they enjoyed themselves. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Zed1 said...

Arr - BOOOH!

Says the Zed. ;-D