Thursday, 3 January 2013

Army Showcase: The Northwind Highlanders


Emblem of the Northwind HighlandersFor 2013 I would like to do more Army Showcases. Since I have recently photographed most of my, still unfinished, Classic Battletech armies I thought I'd put them up.

So here's my Northwind Highlanders Unit. I have not specified which particular regiment, let alone what company, they are supposed to represent. I just needed a general mercenary unit to use in scenario's in which my regular units cannot take part. Since everyone else plays either the Wolfs Dragoons or Kell Hounds I thought I'd go with these. Also promoted due to the very nice novels depicting this elite merc unit.

Army Overview:

As you can see I have 3 lances of 4 mechs each, that makes up a full company. They are supported by some armour, artillery and a stand of battle armoured infantry.

Heavy Lance:

Left to right: Chimera, Black Hawk Ku, Battlemaster and Black Watch.

Assault lance:

Left to right: Mauler, Highlander IIC, Highlander and Archer IIC

Light/ medium lance:

Left to right: Griffin IIc, Bushwacker, Raven and Raptor

This army is pretty much finished except for some more stands of infantry, for which I lack the hex bases at present.

Cheers Sander

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Great painted figures Sander!


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