Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013!


Happy New Year to you all!

As one year has gone and another has come, time for retro- and introspective thoughts has come as well. As always I try to steer well away from new years resolutions and this year is not different! Yes I probably should loose some weight and yes I should get more exercise etc etc etc. But as everyone knows I lack the discipline to keep to those resolutions, so why make them anyway?

Hobby-wise I'd like to stand back and take a closer look on 2012. First off, as every year, I think I've painted less figures then I wished but more then I thought I would. I did some commissions, which always puts me in a tight space since I would rather paint my own figures but also like to help friends out, and if it pays a nice sum; oh well...

Have I finished any projects last years? No not really. I nearly finished some: the 7YW Austrian army is coming along fine. With only two or three regiments of foot still to go it's pretty much done. Most of my Star Wars Imperial Fleet for Space Dreadnought is finished, excepting some Tie Fighters so that's cool. I have finished the 60th Rifles for the Salamanca diorama which is pretty much all I finished for that big project last year so that'll be a big To-Do for 2013. My KoB army for Dystopian Wars is pretty much finished save the Dreadnought. So yeah quite some things done up really nice.

A separate project altogether are my Classic Battletech armies. They are coming along just great. I pretty much finished the 1st Aragon Borderers save one mech. Same is true for the Jade Falcons, for which I still have two based mechs awaiting paint. The 5th Sword of Light needs some more armoured units and probably a mech or two. The Northwind Highlanders are pretty much done, yeah! This leaves a lot of mechs from the starter game plastic boxed set, these mechs are not really good miniatures as such but are decent gap-fillers and army builders so I will either use them to fill out the 10th Lyran Guards or start a new faction for the hell of it. I'd like to do an insane colour scheme for a change, maybe entirely purple or some Solaris stable for fighting in the arena's.More on CBT later.

This then leaves the To-Do list for 2013:

- well obviously I have to finish the afore mentioned projects.
- next up is the finishing of my Dark Angels Army. I have no idea whether I'm ever gonna use them in a game but they're too nice not to finish.
- I still have some Goblins for Warhammer Fantasy lying around which would be nice finished.
- Some small projects like a set of Pirates for both LotHS and Freebooters Fate are in the works as well.
- of course there's always Salamanca: I will probably start the groundwork or landscaping this Summer Holiday for real and try to paint up some stuff along the way.
- A long list of other historical armies is waiting for attention besides all this mainly Napoleonics and WW1 stuff.

So you see there's enough to keep me busy this year and I see no reasons why I wouldn't put regular posts up here to keep you all informed.
Old Year's Day is usually one of my more productive days in the year since we do not celebrate it as such. Yet this year was the first Old Year's Eve that Arthur has experienced consciously so we had more of a celebration then usual.

Therefore today's crop is less then I'd like. Some battlemechs I've finished:

 For the Draconis Combine 5th Sword of Light a Warhammer (left) a Hunchback (right) and a Swiftwind scoutcar in (front)

 Close up of the Warhammer:

 For the Federated Suns First Aragon Borderers:

A Valkyrie (left) and Locust (right)

Cheers Sander

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Ray Rousell said...

A bit late but Happy New Year to you my good man!

peter said...

Gelukkig Nieuwjaar voor jou en je familie Sander!