Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Governor's Court


From time to time, you want something different. Way back when I just started out painting historical figures for real, and I did not have a credit card or Paypall account, I asked one of my American friends to obtain some Old Glory miniatures for me. He duly did and ever since then 3 nice Pirate sets have been awaiting painting. Last week was a holiday over here so I had time to paint one of them, the Governor's Court, up and boy what a lot of work it was. I am not used to 28mm and all these were of that scale. That said another problem was: what to use as colour-schemes?

Well I wanted this to depict the bad guy, it was far too easy to depict the stereotype British Governor and friends. So I went for a more colourful French, or perhaps Spanish Governor.

So let me introduce them all to you.

First up the Governor with his personal footman:

 Next up another footman

The Governor's haughty wife:

 Of course there have to be some Aristocratic toadies:

 A devious priest is a must as well:

 Some civil servants to falsify the books:

 And finally a military man, ships captain or possibly admiral:

And the bunch put together:

There are still two more sets, one of pirates playing cards in a bar and some captured civilians but these will have to wait for painting just a "bit" longer...

Cheers Sander

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Nick Grant said...

Wow!! Amazing - the floral patern, the tartan, the, wow!

Scott said...

A wonderful and colourful bunch. Well done.

Scott said...

What a wonderful and colourful bunch well done!

Anonymous said...

From your description they still sound like the British Government to me!

Lovely painting-you should do more 28mm stuff.

Pijlie said...

Lovely work! There is a WFG scenario somewhere where these rascals will attempt to sentence a witch....

Phil said...

Unusual and very, very nice work, great minis and bases!

Sander said...

Thanks gentlemen, I have tried very hard to do my best on these so your words mean a lot!

"Matt± ok well perhaps I should say that I did not want to portray the standard British UNIFORMS and choose more colourful Spanish or French ;-) Anyway I think of them as French...

Anne said...

I love these! I'm getting into pirates myself right now and was looking at these last week. They were too expensive for me though. The Governor and his personal footman is my favorite. Wonderful job of painting these up sir.

I've decided to go with a mixture of Reaper and some Ron & Bones that are going out of print that I picked up on the cheap.

Sander said...

@Anne: Thanks for the praise, yes I bought them while they were still affordable. If you're seriously getting into Pirates be sure to check out Black Scorpion Miniatures as well! Oh and thanks for joining the blog.

@Scott: I seem to be unable to comment on posts at your blog... :-(

Anne said...

I'll be sure to check them out. I just sold a single figure of a Pirate Cat from Dark Sword Miniatures for $100.00 and have been commissioned to do three Pirate Babes to go with her. Those will be from Reaper. I sold to a collector, not a gamer. I had no idea Pirates were so popular.

I'll be doing a post on that on TMP shortly.