Monday, 4 March 2013

Vehicle showcase: Mark IV Female


For my WW1 games I posses a small wagon-park and I thought I'd put them up in a new "showcase" series, hence this "Vehicle showcase" article.

Let's start with that most famous of WW1 silhouettes: the British Mark IV. I have several EMHAR plastic kits build by Hans Slaager and painted by yours truly.

My Mark IV, I have done up in a regular late-war green scheme with the British red-white recognition markings. The tank is fictional and as such has the number C23 (C company 23rd vehicle) The legend reads Iron Duke. There was a real tank called Iron Duke, but this is not suppose to portray that particular vehicle. Well I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. 

Cheers Sander

Watching season 2 of Game of Thrones by HBO


Francis Lee said...

Damn nice Sander!

Anne said...

Mighty fine tank sir. I haven't seen the series Game of Thrones as I don't have telly. But I read the books and am currently painting the collection of figures designed by George RR Martin himself for the books. Exquisite sculpts.

Rodger said...

That's a great looking beast Sander!

Sander said...

Thanks everyone!

@Anne: Ray and Fran would really dig The GoT series lots of violence, backstabbing, cloak and dagger and boobies to serve them all twice over! Cheers ;-)