Friday, 18 October 2013

Bengal Lancers


A pretty long time ago I got my hands on a test-sprue of the new HäT Bengal Lancers. While looking for reference shots I wasn't able to choose between all those great and colourful colour-schemes, so in the end I decided to paint them up in 4 different schemes. From left to right these are: 13th Bengal Lancers, 14th Murray's Jats Lancers, 29th Deccan Horse and Skinner's Horse.

These figures were well worth waiting for, at least I think so. Now I need to decide which regiment I am going to portray and I am afraid it will turn out to be all 4 of them...

Cheers Sander

Listening to:  "7th Symphony" by Apocalyptica


Nick Grant said...

They look amazing! Great stuff.

Phil said...

Great looking cavalry!

Uwe said...

Hoi Sander,

a great paintjob, many thanks for the inspiration!


peter said...

I want these figures to! But every time I ask for buying a test sprue of a specific set, they seem to be sold out!

Great paintjob done Sander!