Wednesday, 16 October 2013



Yes people this is yet another GW rant. Perchance I happened to stumble along a message stating GW had announced their "new" releases for the Sisters of Battle, an army for which I own a sizeable force. Curious whether they had made a new plastic kit, I went over to the GW site and looked in utter astonishment at their "new" sets... These entail just the plain old metal figures, but that's not what shook me to the core of my hobby-soul, that was the price they dared ask.

Here's a squad of 10 of my Sisters of Battle:

For this meagre basic set of 10 troopers they dare ask 52.25 pounds Stirling, that's a freaking €61.81!!! Are they insane?

Yes people I used more then one exclamation mark, which according to Terry Pratchett, is a sign of insanity. Have you got any idea just jow many 1:72 troops I can buy for €62,-?

Okay, if I hadn't already promised myself I would paint up the remaining GW models in the unpainted pile and never again to buy anything GW, now is the time I make that statement again.

Sorry to be ranting like this but I just had to get this off my mind.

Cheers Sander

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Francis Lee said...

I spotted this myself, they look like the old sculpts too!

Scott said...

You think that's bad? The price here is NZ$159, that's 99 Euros...
GW pricing is ridiculous , but we all know that...
Anything of theirs I ever buy again will 2nd hand or Chinese!

Ray Rousell said...

Mental!! I'm just glad I don't use their figures.

DeanM said...

I wondered about that - seeing the announcement. I am a relative newcomer to 40K (& GW for that matter), so wondered if these Sisters were a new thing. New to me though - I do like the Seraphim and Saint lady. Might get them just to paint up. Although the black armor looks a bit like Space Marine Chaplains. Best, Dean

Pijlie said...

Calm down, calm down. You'll burst something and hurt yourself :)