Monday, 10 March 2014

Han shot first indeed!


Yesterday buddy Mark and his son Enzo, came over to play a game of X-wing the miniatures game. Enzo being a big fan ofHan Solo and the Falcon we decided to play the catch the container scenario out of the Falcon's rule-booklet.
I wanted to use my TIE interceptors and my Shuttle again to implement the lessons I learned at the last game I played at the DUCOSIM game convention but in hindsight could have picked a better force for the mission indeed.

That said I chose this list:
- Colonel Jendon with sensor jamming and ion canon
- Tur Pennir with marksmanship
- Howlrunner
- Avenger Squadron Pilot (99pts)

Mark chose the Rebel Scum, but I'm not sure what upgrades he chose for them. I think he picked the Falcon with Han and all the usual upgrades it comes with...
- Falcon with Han etc
- Y-wing with ion turret and crappy pilot
- A-wing (least expensive pilot) 100 pts in all.

The pictures below were taken on the fly (hur hur hur pun intended) and so not very sharp and I forgot what was going on but they are in chronological order at least.


 The scrap gets going!

 From the start my shuttle drew a lot of fire.

As we entered turn 3 or possibly 4, I forgot to focus on the mission and wanted to do nothing less but to take that pesky Solo down, so the Interceptor and the shuttle (whom I foolishly gave the escort token) closed in upon the Falcon.

Due to the ridiculous movement dial for the shuttle entering this kind of fracas  meant that we were pretty much immobile for the ensuing 3 rounds or so...

Finally we managed to get untangled and started focussing on the mission again, but only because Mark realised that while the Falcon and shuttle were duking it out, the containers had escaped a good deal towards the table edge...

 The shuttle went into pursuit, well he managed to show some effort at the least...and look at the amount of targetlocks he had gained!

In the last couple of rounds the Falcon overtook the containers and after two turns he managed to bag the second container and thus winning the game.

The first container was bagged by the A-wing who had sneaked out of the fray and gotten it beneath my nose!

In the final turn Howlrunner and Tur Pennir tried to corner the Rebels and regain the containers, but since my dice rolling had been pretty awful all game anyway; it was to no avail...

 And so I present you with the big winner ( the little man in the YT 1300 hat and red Ferrari coat) and the BIG looser, the guy grimacing in the grey shirt in the back...

All in all a great fun game with some good learning points, thanks Mark and Enzo!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Tron Legacy the Soundtrack" by Daft Punk


Francis Lee said...

Boo, Hiss...rebel scum!

Nick Grant said...

Great stuff!