Thursday, 18 December 2014

Boardwalk Empire, of sorts


In order to supply at least some form of terrain for my new Victoriana project, I have obtained some boardwalk tiles. These are for sale at the local Gardening Store as a part of those Christmas villages one sees popping up all around in this time of the year.

The first picture shows the unpainted and painted versions. I had to chip the stones in order to give them a more weathered look. I am not sure I really like the end result but it will have to suffice for now.

The second picture shows the inclusion of a column for posters which I obtained at the same store and duly repainted.

More to follow in due time.

Cheers Sander


Blaxkleric said...

They look just the job. guess I'll be visiting our local gardening centre this weekend. Thanks for the heads up :-)

Nick Grant said...

Very nice.

Anne O'Leary said...

I think they look fine as they are. The only thing I could suggest is to add a wash to weather them up a bit.

Have a Happy Christmas!

Michael Awdry said...

What a great find.

Sander said...

Thanks gents!

@Anne: the boardwalks are far darker in real life, but due to the flash used they show up very light in the picture. Yet I'll give them a wash anyway since they could use some more grime indeed!