Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Painting Challenge Progress so far.


Just a short update on my progress so far. I know I've said I'd put posts up in this blog as well, but to keep the interest in the Challenge at a maximum I think it would be more fair to put up links to my contributions here and divert you to this marvellous place of wonder and see, not just mine but all participants entries.

Here's my first entry, which is also my entrance fee. For this I chose a Freebooters vignette of two Snotlings beating...well...the snot out of each other. They were my first attempt at Non Metal Metals and it's a pain I can tell you.


The second entry, is my contribution to the first Bonus Round, themed "Cold". These are West Winds Star Wars miniatures called "Encounter at Hoth".


At the moment I have finished 4 John Carter of Mars figures, I believe by Bronze Age Miniatures. I have also half finished my first 1:72 plastics entry for the challenge duel I have going on with Ben from Mr Rosbif's blog. I hope to make pictures of these soon.

Cheers Sander

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