Monday, 4 May 2015

May the Forth


It's the 4th of May again and just like each year this presents me with a bit of a problem: it's International Star Wars Day; but here in the Netherlands it's also our National Memorial Day... Personally I think both are worthy of attention, be it the latter one a bit more than the former.

So here are some pictures I took when driving through the Limburgian countryside last Friday with a dear friend who has actually restored a War time Willy's Jeep. First we visited the Eyewitness Museum in Beek.  This is a small private museum which has a very nice collection all put up in several diorama's using very lifelike dolls.

After that we drove up to the American Military Cemetery at Margraten. At the Cemetery, volunteers were actually busy placing pictures of the Fallen alongside their memorials. Literally putting a face to the suffering. As I find it rather respect-less to behave like a tourist and shoot thousands of pictures I only took 3 and here they are.

The picture above shows the Jeep. It really is a very great experience to be driving a vehicle 70 years old and still purring like a kitten. It is a bit chilly though...
And since we cannot forego the Star Wars obsession I suffer from here's a few pictures of a game I played last week with Mark. We had written our own version of the Kessel Run. 4 Smugglers (Firespray, YT1300, YT2400 and Hawk)  had to cross a meteor field, than escape a field of Black-hole flares and finally evade the Empire and leave of the opposing table edge. Mark's Firespray won, but only just.

Cheers Sander


Ian said...

That jeep looks great and a very well put post


Ray Rousell said...

Nice pics Sander, I didn't know it was National Memorial Day in the Netherlands??

Sander said...

@Ian: thanks Ian. The Jeep is totally super indeed.

@Ray: yup, on the 4th of May we Remember all victims of the Second World War and fallen after said conflict all around the world. And on the 5th of May we celebrate Liberation Day over here.