Saturday, 9 May 2015

Prussian 13th Regiment of the Line (von Itzenplitz)


A time ago I have mentioned I finished another Prussian 7YW regiment. While that's more or less the case, the term "finished" isn't technically true. When working the pictures for this post I noticed two huge mistakes that had hitherto escaped my notice. The drummer is missing his...well reason d'etre: his drum. Besides this glaring omission I also failed to add two more soldiers to the regiment making it 22 man strong rather than my usual 24. These faults will be corrected as soon as I have the chance.

Oh well. The regiment chosen for this project is the 13th Regiment von Itzenplitz. Uniform information and background was mostly taken from the still excellent Kronoskav website. I am aiming at recreating a brigade of Prussian infantry from the Orbat of the Battle for Lobositz and they were the second of it's regiments I have done up.

The white facing colour really stands out nice and I always love finishing a Prussian 7YW regiment.

Cheers Sander

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