Saturday, 11 February 2017

More 80's Pulp


Another 80's Pulp post is up at the AHPC site HERE. It was al I could do to get these finished before the Friday deadline since work and "real life" are catching me up. Also troubling me is the fact that I cannot paint 28mm figures as fast as me much beloved 1:72 figures. Not only is there more detail to paint, but the projects I chose to do in 28mm are not suited for batch-painting as Napoleonic- or 7YW figures would be.

This means that I might just be unable to reach my Challenge goal of 1500 points... the ever kind Friday Minion Phil remarked that I have finished 1/3 of my points total right now but I am not confident I can reach twice the output in half the time... To earn some fast and easy points I might sneak in two battalions of Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Infantry in 1:72 scale. But not right this week. I am off to do some small "left-over" projects.

Cheers Sander


Rod Forehand said...

Looking good Sander. I wouldn't stress over the points, but just enjoy the painting. But if you're going to press on towards the point goal, then good luck!!

Michael Awdry said...

Keep going my friend, it's not over until ~Snowlord sings. Certainly plenty of time to get a few more points.

Francis Lee said...

He's good work Sander, don't sweat the points as long as you beat Ray!