Friday, 24 February 2017

Some more 80's Pulp!


Today another AHPC 80's pulp post went online. Look for it over here:

 It features one of my favourite vehicles: the Firebat. This particular model was done in resin by a 3D printer and it is totally awesome!

Some of you will be waiting for my long overdue Poldercon review. I might just actually get round doing that this weekend. I just need some time to get through all the pictures and resize them.

Well cheers and enjoy your weekend!


Phil said...

A nice group, and a splendid vehicle, can't believe the 3D printers are coming so fast in our hobby!

Michael Awdry said...

I've just been for a closer look and what great fun it is Sander! Brilliant job Sir.

Francis Lee said...

Bloody good work Sander!

Rod Forehand said...

Just plain brilliant Sander!

Sander said...

Thanks gentlemen, it is a true labour of love ;-)