Friday, 4 August 2017

Hero Quest Part I


OK, so after me moaning along for an hour or so last post, I think it's time to put the paint on the metal or plastic.

So first up are the booklets I managed to scrounge from the interwebs. I have a Hero Quest starter box and both the "Kellar's Keep" and "Return of the Witchlord" expansions, all in Dutch. They are mostly complete but no important parts are missing.

In the meantime I have also ordered a box of "Advanced Hero Quest" (without the miniatures), an Ebay lot containing most of the AHQ miniatures and a small lot of 4 old Warhammer figures to use as heroes.

Yeah I am in this bigtime...

From the get go I started painting up the mini's of the core game and here are the first of them in the form of the heroes.

The Barbarian had his sword broken with the blade missing. So I put on a new blade and coated him, but he's not yet finished.

For a time I have played with the idea of replacing the bases for the new Renedra Frostgrave stone bases but after some trials with a Skellie and Goblin I do think I will keep the original figures on their bases and put all new figures that I will use for HQ on the Renedra bases.

Now on to more painting of figures and scenery, cheerio!


Rod Forehand said...

Nice start Sander! I'm enjoying seeing these figures again and some fun memories. :)

Michael Mills said...

Following this with real interest mate. I've always regretted not getting into Heroquest and this isn't helping!

Michael Awdry said...

More painting this moaning, that's what is needed for you and me both. :D This looks like such a fun project Sander, really looking forward to seeing how it develops.

Sander said...

Thanks gentleman! This is quite turning into a labour of love.