Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Hero Quest Part II


Now on to some more Hero Quest figures, I have finished some of the meanies. While not the very best figures detail-wise they have a charm entirely unto themselves. Let's start this one with some of the Undead. In the core set are included some Fimir, Orcs (I still have to paint them), goblins, zombies, mummies and skeletons as the footsoldiers of the Evil Overlord Morcar, represented by his minion Skulkar (the wizard in the box) and the Gargoyle looking quite a bit like a Bloodthirster or even a Balrog.

Oh well so here are my two mummies.

Followed by the box's two zombies.


Next will be the skeletons and some of the greenskins. The internet has quite a lot of downright brilliant websites, I must do a post on them soon!

Cheers Sander


Michael Awdry said...

Nicely done Sir.

Rod Forehand said...

"Mummy? Mummy? Have you seen my mummy?" Eh...yeah... couldn't resist. These look really nice Sander. The nostalgia is really kicking in here.

Sander said...

Thanks gents! These figures really are nice to paint in all their simplicity.