Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Crisis 2017: the Loot!


With the showing of the loot, we conclude my Crisis 2017 report. This year's Crisis never was about buying loads of stuff, but I did have a few things on my list prior to going to Antwerp.
- I really wanted to complement my Iron Duke Indian Mutiny figures. I bungled up a direct order to Empress by forgetting the command blister for Neil's bluecaps and the troops for the Sikh troopers, so I remedied that. I also bought the Stronghold terrain's Viking Seer, needed to complete that series of figures. In the tools section of my, rather short, list was some Valejo filler of which I got two cheep tubes. That pretty much sums up the list, but what else did I buy? Well a lot of stuff I did not expect to find but had wanted for quite some time.

As you can see on the pictures I was able to get a Histoire and Collections issue on the Cuirassiers. It contains the itinerary's of all listed officers in all the regiments as well as some great colourplates. Since the 14th regiment was the former 2nd Dutch regiment there are a lot of countrymen in there which makes it rather interesting.
I also got the Antediluvian Dungeon explorers (i.e. the characters from the 80's TV series but their grown-up versions) in a discount-bin from Studio Miniatures. They also had a box of their Medieval Mayhem Knights there which I got at Euro price instead of Pounds and since the rounding off of the entire buy came out on a strange number I got even more discount. The other Antediluvian blister is of course Raquel Scotch, I just had to add her to the collection. The two boxes to the left and right are Mantic's Dungeon Saga doors and furniture  sets which I also got discounted. That leaves the blister of Wargames Foundry Indian civilians for the IM project and the Dragon Rampant rules. I have heard and read a lot about the latter and got curious enough to buy them.
Apart from the Crisis special figure Tijl Uilenspiegel, that sums up my purchases.

Arthur is determined to enter this year's Painting Challenge and has personally asked Curt whether he was allowed to join, which Curt has magnanimously allowed him to do for 50 points. I tasked Arthur with choosing some figures for him to paint. He wanted to do some Hero Quest figures, as we play that game together a lot, but he also wanted some wizards. Now if we were not able to find any fireball-throwing-wizards, he was of the opinion that Knights would do as a substitute. So because of a lack of easily recognisable wizards he looked for knights and at the Foundry stand found some. These mounted knights, which he really picked himself, had an entirely appropriate label: King Arthur...
He also found a blister containing two British ensigns and a drummer from the Studio Miniatures China range. He wants to paint them too, but doesn't want to wait for the Challenge but do them earlier.

That wraps up my Crisis coverage. Next convention will probably be Poldercon in February but more on that when applicable.


Michael Mills said...

The cuirassier book looks superb! I might have to try and find a copy of that for myself. Really looking forward to seeing Arthur's efforts in this year's Challenge.

Michael Awdry said...

A modest, but fascinating haul Sir; I quite fancy some of those myself. Can't wait to see Arthur's knights though.