Sunday, 3 December 2017

AHPC 8...


Well an update is long overdue I suppose. While work and sickness in the family  have not permitted  me to spent much time on the hobby, a lot has been happening.

For starters I have the honour of being asked  to participate in this year's Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge not as apunter but as Minion. It goes without saying that I am mighty pleased with this highest of hobby accolades.

See the CHALLENGE link.

Arthur and I will enter the Challenge  together as well, me for a modest 1000 points  and the lad for 50, an amount which his concentration  might actually permit him to achieve. If minioning allows I will up the amount.

While I will surely paint figuress for all my running projects, the main focus of this year's  Challenge will be my "BIG" project: Salamanca  1812.
This will see me paint lots of 1:72 Peninsular War plastics and the occasional  metal special figure. I hope to get the larger part of my Allied 3rd division done by the Challenges end.

So you see, quite a lot of exiting stuff to look forward  to!

Cheers Sander


Michael Awdry said...

Lots to look forward to them, best of luck Sir.

Michael Mills said...

Sorry to hear of illness in the brood mate. Hopefully all on the mend! Looking forward to seeing both your efforts as always.

Sander said...

Thanks Michaels! The boys are getting better, the wife less so. That said I am looking forward to the Challenge too ;-)

Iannick said...

Wow, who's moving up in the world! Congrats! ;-)

I do wonder what you will pick for the "Childhood" theme...I have an idea myself

Sander said...

Moving up in the world? You do know that another word for minion is "underling" right Iannick?

Anyway, I think you will know just fine what my theme for the "Childhood" theme will be, or you could guess from my recent blog posts ;-)