Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Highlanders Waheee!

Tumbling Dice WW1 Figures reviewed!

Well I finally got my grubby little hands on some WW1 Highlander infantry. To be honest those same grubby hands are in possession of British Lancers and Infantry in shorts too. I recently received 3 mini-starter packs from Tumbling Dice (http://www.tumblingdiceuk.com/worldwar.html) and these contained the above troop types. All are at the moment unavailable in 1:72 plastic and I have had good hopes of these 20mm figures complementing my plastics. There's a very decent mix of poses in the mini starter packs and thus lot's of options. The Cavalry have both mounted and dismounted troops and the mounted troopers have peg-arms so you can decide for yourself whether you want to include a command element (pistol for officer and bugle for...eehh...well a bugler obviously) or just equip all the troopers with lances.

I started working on the Highlanders first. Let's begin with a size comparison:

The plastic figures are HäT American Doughboys. At first I was a bit thrown back by the rather large difference in size between the two examples but I decided to try and adjust this with some basing tricks.
But first here are some shots of the other 8 regular Infantry poses:
The figures looked a bit chubby, until I realised they were bristling with equipment and were wearing a kilt (they are highlanders after all!) this made them broader then they actually are.
To reduce the height difference I glued some 1 and 2 eurocent coins between the mini's and the bases.
When the glue had dried enough I used my regular basing technique of applying wall-filler to the bases:
Now I have to wait until the wall-filler has dried and I can base-coat them.
The only problem is figuring out which regiment to depict...
All in all the level of detail and quality of sculpting on these figures is really quite good. Curiously it is rather hard to find decent pictures of all Tumbling Dice products on the net and therefore I will photograph all the sets I have in possession and put them up here. I did some research on this and also discovered some posts in several mini- fora in which people complained about the Tumbling Dice website and service but I cannot say I share that view. When asking for information I was answered very fast and thoroughly so thank you Tumbling Dice!
Check this place for future updates!
Cheers Sander

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Sander said...

The people of Tumbling Dice kindly asked me if I could post this comment for them so here it goes:

"Hi Sander,

Thanks for your review. If anyone has any comments or feedback on our
products or service PLEASE contact us by post, email (info@tumblingdiceuk.com, telephone or
personally at any of the UK conventions that we attend (we try to attend
most). As manufacturers we are always interested in any feedback that can
help improve our service.

Tumbling Dice"