Friday, 1 August 2008

On the workbench...

Pirate Madness!

Today the weather has allowed me to do at least some prepping of figures. My workbench is currently covered in projects but more on that later. First let's talk about what we did today. Well it's Pirates again. After my last few LotHS games I really grew tired of my current Pirate Captain. The latter is a plastic Strelets French officer with map in his hands whom I have given a beard and eye-patch from greenstuff, oh and a rather dull paintjob. During campaigning with the crew I came up with an anti-character to Captain Jack Sparrow: Captain James Swallow! How this came to be is a tale too long and dreadful for these pages so I will not go there yet but save to say today I got round making a different captain figure to represent Captain Swallow.

I wanted a Captain wearing "fancy clothing" and a parrot, due to the bonuses these provide in the game. Well the fancy clothing was more or less simple: I took a Revell 7YW Austrian Grenadier officer, cut off his arms and head and replaced them with other Revell parts amongst which the head and arm of an AWI Militian and the sword arm and plume of a 30YW Imperial Officer. A raven from Busch models was included as a parrot...though I have not decided what kind of bird. A Swallow would be appropriate but not likely and besides: the model is too large for a swallow anyway.

Here are some pictures, sorry for the quality!

The base is a Micro Art Studio 20mm base which has a hole in it, so I added the cannonball responsible.

Next was a more delicate model. Since I started playing Legends of the High Seas I have been looking at different producers for Pirate models and paint schemes as inspiration and reference. One cannot escape Black scorpion and their excellent female pirate range. I obtained both packs and the Governor's daughter and this morning I finally have based the first lady on yet another Micro Art base (this time a 25mm one).

With the ever appropriate "Whiskey in a Jar" song playing on the stereo I am now going to prime these two nice mini's and then wait till the weather allows some painting!

On the Workbench

What other projects have I got lying on my workbench?

- WW1 Australian Trench raiders
- WW1 ANZAC Infantry platoon
- WW1 British Highlanders
- WW1 German EW Cuirassiers
- Several Plastic Pirate Models
- Napoleonic 1806 Prussian Musketeers
- Napoleonic 1806 Prussian Grenadiers



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Anonymous said...

Goeie conversion zeg. Die canonbal oogt ook leuk. Ik ben benieuw naar de geschilderde versie.