Saturday, 2 August 2008

Captain James Swallow WIP

Hoist your colours maties!

Since I was making pictures of the Cygnar mini's anyway I made some Work In Progress shots of Captain James Swallow as well. While painting I found the base to be even cooler then I thought: it had a bag of coins hidden under the flooring!

The coat, undergarments and sash are almost as good as done. I am now thinking about which colour I want the hat to be in, grey seems a good option. As said in an earlier post this figure is an anti-character to the raggedly clothed Jack Sparrow and thus he has more stylish and above all CLEAN clothing. This does mean I did not go for very bright and outlandish colours so to make sure the figure does not become too drab I will make the bird a small red and blue parrot I found a picture of on google. That should brighten things up, if I get it done decently.

here's a close up of the stash of coins hidden under the floorboards.

To the right some kind of fungi grow out of the wood and I am going to try and paint it up as some sort of water-vegetation or animal like you can see on Davy Jones's crew in PotC movies. So it's on to google for me! Shiver me fungi!


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