Saturday 5 July 2008

Almoravid Invasion!

If I am uploading new pictures anyway why stop at one? Here are my versions of the HäT Almoravid testshots. I tried to paint them as Ben Yusuf's Black Guards as shown in the El Cid movie and Warhammer Historical supplement.
I think they worked out really well.

The Sailor's Farewell!

Hoi Guys!

Here's a couple of figures from Orion's English Pirates set which I have painted for use with the new Legends of the High Seas game. If you haven't tried it out: you really should it is heaps of fun!

Cheers Sander

Friday 4 July 2008

My BLOG's up!


After being indecissive about either designing a new website, BLOG or opening a HYVES account, I finally went for a BLOG and this is it. The main purpose is to be a portfolio for my painted military miniatures, but other stuff may crop up!

I still have to figure out how this BLOG thing works exactly so ít will be under construction for some time yet.

Cheers Sander