Saturday 12 March 2016

Final regular posts for the AHPC!


Yesterday the final duo of regular posts for the AHPC have gone online. I decided to go out with a bang and post two point-bombs in order to gain my 1500 points target. One could use the links below to see these.

Post 1 Napoleonic Points bomb

Post 2 Star Wars Points bomb

Equally happy with finishing all of these mini's, painted over a longer stretch of time, I can now conclude the Challenge. I am contemplating whether I would like to enter the last bonus round theme or not since the deadline is due tomorrow already... perhaps I will.

A more complete round-up of this year's Challenge will follow later, since I am pretty much convinced that Curt will ask us to write up a "all miniatures painted during the Challenge post" after the final conclusion of the event itself.

In the meantime, the latest batch of miniatures for my Dark Ages Dux Britanniarum project arrived from the Beast yesterday so I am over my head in Anglo-Saxons, Norsemen and Carolingians more on those later as well!

Cheers Sander