Saturday 26 December 2015

The last day of Christmas...


As promised, I will share one more Christmas song today. Also my first Challenge post is up on the Challenge blog so go over and have a look. The other contenders have brilliant contributions as well.

Cheers Sander

Friday 25 December 2015

Some more festive music!

And here's part II

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

A very Merry Christmas!


This year I'd like to share a nice Christmas song each Christmas day with you all. Since tomorrow I will not be able to put something up here I'll do tomorrows post now. All 3 songs will be by the Longest Johns

and here's the first:

Cheers Sander

Monday 21 December 2015

And we're off!


Well the 6th Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge has started as of yesterday. I had a bumpy start because of a violent stomachache, I had eaten something disagreeable I fear and have been ferrying between bed and toilet so little actual painting has been going on so far.

Last year's challenge has learned me a few things. First off it helps to set a few personal goals. Last year I had only 2: reach my target amount of points and participate in all bonus rounds. The latter goal has cost me quite a lot of time, so I re-thaught that point now.I will only participate when possible in my painting schedule and if I have appropriate models lying around.

The doyens of the hobby like mr Docherty have shown me this is the opportunity to paint large scale projects like he did last year with his Sudan project. So I have now started to prepare my WW1 kakhi project. All the models I could possibly find that can be primed with a Kakhi primer will be done in said colour and than painted for the cabinets. The picture below will show you quite a lot of my WW1 figures, some Napoleonics and my newest pet project 28mm vikings (they are on the blue plastic box in the background).

Some of the best miniatures I will paint in this challenge will be my newest finds: some CBT battlemechs under which an Unseen Crusader and Phoenix Hawk which I have always wanted to have but only just recently stumbled along on ebay. I have no idea what colourscheme to paint them in yet but have some time to figure that out yet.

For the "nostalgic" bonus round I have prepped some of my oldest 1:72 miniatures to whit some Matchbox Germans and some Revell 8th Army soldiers and look forward to painting them as well.

So lots of painting mayhem the coming days over!

That said all the challenge posts will have to be put up on the Challenge blog first and therefore the amount of posts over here will be a bit less frequent than usual.

Cheerio and see you in the lists!