Tuesday 4 May 2010

Black Powder

Hoi Folks!

Yesterday me and Jan Willem (Pijlie´s miniature paintings and other creations )played a game of Black Powder and two Great War games. The Black Powder game was my first Napoleonic game. We used my French and Allied divisions to do so. It's save to say I haven't by far enough figures to outfit two entire armies but managed to scrape together two infantry and a cavalry brigade for each of the contenders and the game went ahead.

The time is somewhere between Ligny and Quatre Bras, scattered fictive Prussian forces have ganged up with some Dutch-Belgians and are retreating across a bridge and ford towards the main army. The French are hot on their heals!

Basically the French made very little progress due to bad command rolls while the opposite was true for the Allies. The Prussian brigade was the first to start for the bridge while the cavalry formed up to block the French supported by the Dutch brigade.

The only French unit rolling a 3 move commandroll were the Carabineers and they promptly charged a Belgian Light infantry unit. They themselves were charged in their left flank by Dutch Hussars, broken and routed as a result.

Meanwhile the Prussians started crossing the bridge and the Dutch division sent her regiments across the ford.

The game pretty much ended with all Allied infantry across the bridge and formed up. But not before the French had moved up their infantry and had almost destroyed the Dutch Cavalry be it for the fact that they had to ward off several cavalry charges and form square. The latter really slowed it down and gave the Dutch the chance to whisk away.

A very nice game indeed! I'll post some pictures of the Great War game soon but for now here's a couple of teasers:

Cheers Sander

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