Friday 18 July 2008

Classic Battletech!


Time for something else entirely! This is a Classic Battletech Battlemech. A Chimera to be precise. The model has been on the workbench for nearly a year and was getting on my nerves. I could not decide for what game-faction I was going to paint it. I had 3 options and in the end I went for a 4th :-) Anyway as I said; it stood there on my bench all coated and all but never getting done. It moved house with us in that black basecoated state, fell apart about 3 times (that's why it looks so wobbly) and one day last week I was so sick of it standing there, that I painted it up that same evening.

For the interested among you: the colourscheme and markings are those of the Mercenary Outfit The Northwind Highlanders.

Cheers Sander

Wednesday 16 July 2008


These Anzac conversions are as follows: 3 seperate infantry figures converted to trench raiders in woollen caps. The one with the shotgun has a belt with cartridges added in greenstuff and the kneeling shooting pose has an extra ammo bandolier added. Then there's two stands of lying figures. One is a Lewis gunner combo for which I added extra ammo drums in a carrying case for the loader. The other pair is a "arty spotter"base. In the The Great War rules you can add spotters to your artillery to make them more effective and I wanted those to distinctly differ from the HMG/ arty crew members with binoculars so I glued a prone one done next to a loader figure without the ammo drum. The last two stands are HMG's obviously and the thing is that I used the loaders of both the HäT American and the Canadian set to make them different. To some of the mentioned figures I added an helmet cover from greenstuff. There's also one marching ANZAC. I cut off his head with slouch hat and replaced it with the Regulated Dress Cap and added a tropic climate veil to the back.

Well that's what I am doing when not building rabbit houses :-)

Napoleonic Austrians

The Austrians are for the "Aspern Project" and are the only Austrians I had lying around. Every year there's the DUZI figures fair in Wesel, Germany and every year a bunch of collectors put together a big diorama made up of 1:72 plastic figures. Next year (2009) it will be this Aspern project.

I have a set of the HäT Cavalry pictured here and the infantry out of the Italeri Russian/ Austrian command box, of the latter I painted just the marching poses for the project. I still need to do the horses for the cavalry but I hate doing them so they will be low on the to-do-list.


Here's another update of what I am doing at the moment. Finally I have had a chance to work away some of the loose ends I had lying around. First off are the Macedonians (I don't even know whether they are Macedonians or Greek, well the un-armoured guy is a Greek). I bought a box of Macedonian- and Greek Mercenary Phalanx as allied troops for Hannibals Punic War Army as some of the first HäT boxes I ever bought and finally after almost 7 years I have finished them all!

Sunday 13 July 2008

Crater Critters Part II

Well here are the creatures hidden in the terrain pieces (clockwise from top left) :

1) a tiny frog right in the middle of the crater's puddle.

2) the second crater hides a rat sitting on the edge of the middle between the two puddles.

3) there's a green woodpecker on one of the wire posts.

4) The last crater has some blown up wire and on the largest post is an owl.

Well done to all who spotted them!