Wednesday 31 December 2014

Trooping the Colours: a 2014 Review


Since it's December 31st over here I guess it's time to review 2014. In order to keep the rambling at a minimum, I'll limit myself to analysing the amount of figures I have painted this year and the projects started/ finished.

Let's started with the painted miniatures, so here's the count as it stands at this moment.

Napoleonics (1:72)                       141
SYW (1:72)                                   43
AWI (1:72)                                    13
Colonial (1:72)                               14
WW1 (1:72)                                  19
West End Games Star Wars           33 (+ 1 vehicle)
X-wing Miniatures                           6
Fantasy                                          10
Ancients (1:72)                               71
WW2 (1:72)                                   23
Vehicles (1:72)                                  6
CBT                                               22
Sci-Fi                                               6
Dystopian Wars (terrain)                 30
Scenery/ Terrain                              11
28mm Historics                               11

Which makes for a grand total of 460 miniatures I've painted this year. Not too shabby I'd say, yet by far not enough ;-)

So let's take a look at the projects I have going and their progress so far.

- The Salamanca 1812 project: ok let's agree that the less said here is the better choice. This project has not progressed any further than the basecoating of the tiles of the landscape and a few miniatures. The problem is I really would like at least one day in which I could work non stop on them but this has been hard to accomplish. Maybe 2015 will bring some change in this regard.

- Finished projects: well there's really only one project actually finished this year and that's my 1:72plastic Sumerian army. I painted it up and have sent it over to a friend who actually does Ancients. The amount of figures you see in the list above stated as Ancients are these Sumerians, so I have painted up some 71 of them.
Now there's one project only a hair away from being finished and that is my SYW Austrian army(1:72) I still have one regiment of foot and a Cuirassier regiment left to paint up and that's that for the Austrians. Thank God because I do not know how much white uniforms I can take.

- Half finished projects: I've got quite a lot of those. I am almost halfway through my Star Wars miniatures. I have painted up pretty much of the Tatooine based figures, which leaves the "space-based" mini's.
Another half finished project is my Bronze Age Miniatures John Carter project. Some 12 miniatures currently reside on my to-paint desk, awaiting to be finished  for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. With those painted I will call this project finished for the moment.

- New projects: Only one project deserves mentioning here. I have recently started a big "Victorian-(sci-fi) fancy" and have quite a lot of figures lying around for this or in transit over here. This project entails two separate sub-projects for me: first is the (biggest) Ripperstreet sub-theme. I am a big fan of this TV series and have decided I want to game some scenes from the series in miniature which means getting loads of mini's and even more terrain.
The second sub-theme is centred around the magnificent Space Captain Smith books written by Toby Frost, more on these later.

So there you have it. This is where I stand at this moment, with Old Year's Day usually being one of my most productive days I will probably get some more mini's painted before the day is over. Rest assured I wil keep you posted.

Cheers Sander

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Sunday 28 December 2014

Painting Challenge update


Today's update will bring you my latest entries in the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. First I have posted some pictures on Bronze Age Miniatures John Carter Martians


The second contribution is of some HäT Bengal Lancers (29th Deccan Regiment) which are my first entry for the Duel I'm fighting out with Mr Rosbif himself.


That's it for now cheers and have a good Old Year's Eve!


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