Saturday 23 May 2015

The Reason Why...


This post is all about putting ghosts to rest. There are quite a lot of historic periods in which I have an avid interest but do not represent in miniature. The best examples are Ancients, WW2, Medieval Times and modern times. A "smaller" period of interest has always been the Crimean War. While the Painting Challenge was well under way, I watched "The charge of the light brigade" on DVD again and was caught up in the butterfly effect to paint up some Crimean figures. There are no decent 1:72 figures for this conflict available here, so I decided to do a vignette of 28mm Warlord figures to get it out of my system.

These turned out quite nice and for a while it was indeed out of my system and I could concentrate on different stuff. Then after the Challenge I suffered from painters-block and trying to get rid of it brought me to the Challenge FB page. When I mentioned I was having lost my mojo, one of the enlightened soul over there suggested I'd start a totally new project. So that is how I went on-line and ended up with two 15 mm Crimean War armies.

Here are the first pictures of this new project. I have started with the Russians and have finished two of the Cavalry units and a Command stand. In the end I would like to enlarge the units to possible 4 stands but let's just get these all painted up.

The Command stand:

Light Cavalry or possibly Dragoons ( I really have no clue but I like them).

The Lancers

A group shot

The miniatures are from Irregular Miniatures, their service is great, fast replies to enquiries and even faster delivery. The mini's are pretty good castings with some crisp details and very little in the way of flash.

Now I do have a question for any of you who might have experience with 15mm Black Powder armies: I want to create infantry units of approximately 18 figures, but have no idea how to base them. What size of base and how many figures on each?

Now usually I end the posts here with a "listening to..." I'll do that today as well but with a warning for the virtuous, sensitive ones amongst you, lately I have been into traditionals like the Drunken  Sailor and the Wild Rover, you know what I mean. This led my around the various Youtube channels. There I found this song by the Dreadnoughts:

By linking through I found a version by the Poxy Boggards which I liked as well:

These chaps also did a nice version of the "Mingulay Boat Song" I had to look up where Migulay is...

And now is the moment you lads and lasses who do not like the saucy or racy stuff, should NOTpress play because this song most definitely contains very explicit lyrics indeed. Now no grumbling please because I did warn you! I nearly died of laughing and think the likes of Fran and Ray will love it as well.

Cheers Sander