Wednesday 15 January 2014

7YW: Stewart's 37th of Foot; or Blogging the Ray Roussel style.


Some time ago I managed to get hold of a fair amount of HäT's new 7YW Prussian infantry sets. These are produced in their MAC format (a set each for Marching, Action and Command figures) and I will use them for re-creating the British contingent present at the Battle for Minden.
So why Minden? Well it's a battle where the Allied army consisted of both British, Hanoverian, Prussian and Hessian troops so a lot of different uniforms which I should be able to depict using these new figures. At the moment I have enough to re-create pretty much all the British Foot and most of the British Horse. This still leaves me some figures to put together some Prussian regiments.  I always knew that I was going to present the regiments, painted for said project, one at a time and have always been pretty charmed by the way Ray over at Don't throw a 1, does this with his historical regiments.
So while I will not be supplying quite as much background information as Ray does, I will provide you a link to the pages of the stupendously good Kronoskaf website which specialises in the 7 Years War.

Without further ado I present you the first regiment I finished Stewart's 37th Regiment of Foot.

Now I suppose the real history buffs out there will be able to point out mistakes I made, the lace on the uniforms is one which I omitted on purpose, but I do not care! And no the musicians uniforms for this regiment were not reversed.

So here it is the first instalment of my Minden project I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Cheers Sander

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Sunday 12 January 2014



On Monday January 6th I turned 34, Huzzah I guess... Present-wise I was very spoilt with hobby related books. So what did I get?
Well first off I had gotten the first Space Captain Smith novel by Toby Frost from Saint Nicks and now I have the remaining 3 novels in the series as well.
From my Mum and Dad I have received the amazing Wargames Illustrated special issue Mega Wargames which is absolutely stunning!

From my lovely wife I've gotten Spartan's scenery set Barracks Accessories

I also received the truly amazing Haynes Owners Workshop Manual of the Imperial Death Star

So you see spoiled as a spoiled brat! Besides that I also got the new Terry Pratchett book "raising Steam" and an audiobook "Pyramids" also by Terry Pratchett and read by Tony Robinson.
Now where to start reading?

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Pyramids" read by Tony Robinson