Sunday 14 August 2016

Fusilier Regiment Nr. 40 von Kreytzen;


It has been some time since my last post, this does not mean I have been idle however. A lot of garden-work has taken my time and I have been in the process of expanding my 28mm real-estate. Looking around the "man-cave" 7 unpainted MDF lasered buildings spanning from the Dark Ages to contemporary days, are scattered around the place. These are not the subject of today's post however, I will report on them later.

No, for this update I will show you my latest 7YW Prussian regiment. When the new HäT MAC sets of the 7YW Prussian Infantry became available, I bought heavily into them to recreate the British army active at Minden and the rest of that campaign. So heavily in fact that I have ample figures to spare and could not resist depicting some Prussians as well. This, the 3rd of these, is the 40th Fusilier Regiment von Kreytzen. Why? Well because of the pink vests and breeches. They are just so darn colourful, this is exactly why this period is so cool to paint!

OK so without further ado, let's go to the pictures:

The pink turned out a bit more purplish as I would like to, but all the same: I like these quite a lot!

Next post will be concerning the 28mm buildings if nothing else happens in between ;-)

Cheers Sander