Monday 7 March 2011

Blog update!


I'd like to tell you all there's an important update on the other blog:

Cheers Sander

Sunday 6 March 2011

Zulu's ahead!


For some time a bunch of Zulu War figures has been clogging up my work-bench. The figures concerned are some testshots from HäT's new Natal Native Contingent:

And some white metal zulu warriors of which I suspect some are high ranking chaps due to their garments but I really are totally clueless as regards Zulu warrior dress-code.

To be honest; I'm glad they are done and off my bench because they are not my cup of tea. I am rubbish with skin-tones! The NNC are very detailed and while Zulu war enthusiasts will like them a lot, for my this was a pain since I knew I wasn't gonna do them well at all...

Okay nuff said,

Cheers Sander

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