Friday 21 March 2014

7YW: Napier's 12th Regiment of Foot


Part two of my Battle of Minden Seven Years War project is upon us today as we take a look at the 12th Regiment of Foot or Napier's regiment.

Raised in 1685 as the Duke of Norfolk's Regiment of Foot, the unit served with distinction in both the Spanish- and Austrian Wars of Succession and in 1751, with the re-organization of the British army, was re-numbered the 12th regiment.
The regiment belonged to the first 6000 man strong force that was dispatched to the continent during the Seven Years War. At the battle of Minden it served in the first line of the 3rd column and thus was heavily engaged with the French cavalry trying to break the Allied centre. More information can be found via the link above.

Funnily enough this is yet again a yellow faced regiment, I swear that the next regiment I will be painting for this project will have a different facing colour.
That said there are a few funny parts regarding this rendition of the regiment. First it is one of two regiments for this project, that are based on "old" GW style bases. This is due to the fact that way back, when I started painting 7YW figures, I did 4 test figures for the Brits featuring Revell Austrians on single GW bases. These I wanted to incorporate in a regular unit and thus I scraped all the left over GW bases together to outfit this regiment. Another strange feature is the fact that one soldier is MIA from the ranks; one of the Grenadiers got sucked up into the vacuum cleaner... This was a total first for me and rather a traumatic experience I can tell you. Of course I will rectify this as soon as I get going with some more 7YW soldiers in the future. Finally one last deviation should be mentioned. The sharp of sight amongst you will notice that the drummer wears reversed colours, now if you follow the link above to the Kronoskaf site (does anyone know what that word means BTW?) you'll notice the regiment did NOT have musicians in reversed coloured uniforms, but since I had already done a yellow faced regiment and will have to do at least 2 more, I wanted a way of keeping them apart and so allowed myself this artistic freedom.

And now for the pictures,

Cheers Sander

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