Sunday 8 March 2009

Napoleonic Commission!

Here's the second update for today. Remember the Italian Napoleonic commission figures I posted recently? Well they arrived at their owner's and he has sent me some pictures of the unit based for gaming and in a scenic backdrop. So I thought I'd share the pictures with you!

^The 3rd Regiment de Ligne of the Italian Army in column

The 3rd Regiment de Ligne of the Italian Army in line

^The 3rd Regiment de Ligne of the Italian Army in, rear-view.

That's all for today! Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Aegis" by Theatre of Tragedy

Ducosim February 2009

Hi Folks!

Two updates today! The first being about the Ducosim games-fair last February. Our Classic Battletech forum-club played two different battles there. First there was an "open participation game" and second we played a "grand finale game" for our Kessen Campaign. I played in the latter and our side won, but only just! We had to achieve several objectives within a time limit of 10 turns. As it happened in turn 8 my side stood on the winning side and as both my co-player had to leave for more pressing matters and the venue was about to close we were saved by the bell! Had we played the remaining 2 turns I do believe we would have come up with a loss or possibly a draw.