Saturday 11 February 2017

More 80's Pulp


Another 80's Pulp post is up at the AHPC site HERE. It was al I could do to get these finished before the Friday deadline since work and "real life" are catching me up. Also troubling me is the fact that I cannot paint 28mm figures as fast as me much beloved 1:72 figures. Not only is there more detail to paint, but the projects I chose to do in 28mm are not suited for batch-painting as Napoleonic- or 7YW figures would be.

This means that I might just be unable to reach my Challenge goal of 1500 points... the ever kind Friday Minion Phil remarked that I have finished 1/3 of my points total right now but I am not confident I can reach twice the output in half the time... To earn some fast and easy points I might sneak in two battalions of Napoleonic Prussian Reserve Infantry in 1:72 scale. But not right this week. I am off to do some small "left-over" projects.

Cheers Sander