Thursday 9 July 2015

Waterloo: 23rd Light Dragoons


After a month or longer I am back in the saddle, more or less. It's been an incredibly busy period over here what with the final exams at school and the fact that our house got an entirely new roof complete with solar units and stuff. I have been painting on and off but could not bring myself to spend my precious little free-time blogging so that should explain the delay in services.

In the mean time I have won prizes in two blog give aways: I got a double whammy in Ray's give away which resulted in me receiving some 15mm future troops and a Robin Hood figure painted by the Big Rayman himself and I won some Steampunk figures from Anne's give away (which still have to arrived but a few days ago). Great stuff indeed, but I haven't been sitting on my hand either.

Since I wanted to do something in honour of the Waterloo bicentennial, I started painting two Napoleonic Allied units, hoping to finish them in time for the event. Sadly I failed on both accounts. Here are some pictures of the first unit: the 23rd Light Dragoons.
The figures are HäT's KGL LD's re-painted as the 23rd. The banner was made using tinfoil and yes I know British cavalry did not carry their standards into battle as a rule, but I wanted it to act as a focal point for the unit.

I am pretty pleased with how these worked out and since I have got plenty more of the figures lying around waiting for a paintjob I will be doing some quite soon again.

Cheers Sander