Wednesday 21 September 2011

En avant mes amis!


When I posted my last Black Powder BatRep, I told you all I was doing something about my lack of French Line Infantry, well here the fruits of that labour. An all fresh Line Regiment. Since I was doing loads of white uniforms for Austrians anyway I decided to paint some of these garçons in their white uniforms and mix them with Bardin regulation blues in order to make an unit in transition-uniforms.

The officer is a metal Art Miniaturen mini the grenadiers and voltigeurs are the fusiliers are .

Cheers Sander

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Tuesday 20 September 2011

Goblins Galore!


Well so far I am surprising myself with this Goblin Army of mine. This might actually be the first army for which I am able to paint the mini's within weeks of buying them and only have a backlog of just 1 or 2 mini's left unpainted... As I have developed a distinct dislike of GW policies as told here many times before, I will not buy their products at regular prices. I have been asking the mini's for birthdays or buying them at reduced prices at conventions and so I am now the proud owner of:

- horde of 40 Night Gobbo's with spears and shields
- 20 Night Gobbo archers
- 20 Goblin Spearmen
- 2 Shaman
- 3 Squighoppers
- a blister of Squig herd
- about 7 or 8 fanatics
- a Doomdiver catapult.

All painted, at the moment.

The archers were the last to be finished with the Doomdiver awaiting basing. Here are some pictures.

To be honest, and I think I've said this before as well; these are not my best work ever. I just want to build up a force of these little critters ASAP to be able to fight friend Mark's Skaven in a "Who turns tail first?!" battle. Mark's Skaven have a motto saying: "We won't fight any enemy armed with more then a kitchen knife" so I must be able to win some time with them Gobbo's, I'd guess.

Cheers Sander

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