Monday 28 February 2011

Who do you think you are kidding mister zombie?


Last Saturday Jan Willem hosted a game of "All Things Zombie" Since this game was hosted at the DUCOSIM games convention all visitors could play along in this great participation game. All buildings were cardboard and build by JW, as was the rest of the terrain. Mini's were a lot of different manufacturers, Hasslefree, GW, Wargames Factory and a lot of other stuff. I used 4 of my Dad's Army characters, Cpat Mainwaring (using a Big Ass Pistol), Corporal Jones (Bolt Action Rifle with bayonet), Private Pike (Tommygun SMG) and Private Godfrey with a medic-kit. Since they were all rather elderly JW decided I would move just as fast as the other...erm as the zombies.

Setting of the game: it's just after the Apocryphal outbreak of the zombie-virus and pockets of survivors are holding out against the tide of the un-dead. Armed forces strike groups are being send out to rescue them. Captain Mainwaring has decided to lend them a helping hand. From the south of the town two groups of marines and Dad's Army are entering the town in search of the survivors. 
                                            A view of the table

                                             The game in progress

                                             The Marines on their way,

                                             Dad's Army confront the zombies, they kick some dead butts at it!

                                            Jan Willem directing the game with sheer good humour.

                                             Themarines get bogged down...

                                        Two zombies were in the way of Dad's Army and the gunshop in which a teacher and some kiddies were hiding. Corporal Jones and Pike foolishly opened up with their guns on the zombies and about 12 more came at them. Jones went down after bravely killing 2 zombies himself and the zombies started eating him (that took them 5 turns) and the rest set off to the target.

                                         A hefty traffic jam going on...

 One of the fire teams of marines have reached their target (an old millionaire  in wheelchair and his nurse) in the manor, but the chopper they called in for evac drew crowds of zombies to them. The marines got eaten and the millionaire fled back into his house.

The zombies all went for the chopper and so Dad's Army could go silently for the gun-shop. While Pike went on overwatch, the captain started up an ambulance and Godfrey went to get the children via the back-door.

After everybody boarded, the ambulance rambled on and away. And so I won the game.

Hope you liked the report!

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Insomniac"by Green Day