Saturday 23 January 2016

Matchbox WW2 Germans


Alright here's another Challenge update. I finally managed to paint up what's left of my childhood Matchbox Germans, the link to the full post is HERE.

I still have some ANZACS and Commando's lying around, perhaps in some time I will paint them up as well.

Something else all together is that I got some money for my birthday which I spend on some Dark Age terrain from timeline miniatures. They produce really well priced terrain and so I have now embarked on a dead-teddybear-fur adventure of a Greathall, Church and some dwellings to get done...

When I get some finished I will take pictures of course.

Cheers Sander

Monday 18 January 2016

The Russian Bear


Well my next Challenge instalment is up. I have finally completed my 15mm Russian Army for the Crimean War. You can find the post HERE.

Now I have changed my Challenge philosophy several times already but I guess it comes down to this:
I am doing 4 "projects" for the challenge first up is the Napoleonic Project, I have base-coated several Napoleonic units amongst which are two regiments of Cacadores (part of the Khaki basecoated stuff) a regiment of Portuguese Line infantry, some Württemberg light infantry, a battalion of Prussian Landwehr/ reserve infantry, Bavarian artillery and some command figures.
The second bigger project is my WW1 Project, all based in Khaki as well of course. These include AHL Late War artillery, some Early War ANZACS, a Mark IV and some Late War Highlanders.
Both these projects I am going to complete in total before posting any pics in the Challenge blog or here.

The remaining projects are my 28mm Vikings and some "miscellaneous" figures, these I will be posting as part of the Challenge on my regular posting day (Friday) when ready.

So there we have it!

Cheers Sander