Monday 23 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 3


 Another batch of Challenge posts up for you guys right now! Let's start with some 40k goodies. While the new gameplay is humongously complicated with all the special rules, abilities, stratagems, objectives and whatnot, the miniatures and background are still only second to CBT. So here is my re-paint of some old favourites: Gaunt's Ghosts. Not the ghastly new models, no I still swear by the old metal ones. Gaunt himself is missing because I am rather afraid of messing him up...


The second post for today is more Blood Bowl stuff. Some years ago (it must have been 2018 or 2019) I bought Mark a Skaven team, which he then misplaced. When we re-discovered Blood Bowl and started playing in seriousness, he bought a second team and...predictably found his original team. Since his eyesight doesn't allow him to paint anymore, I painted up the first 12 of his rats for him as well as an old white metal star player for myself. Enjoy!


Cheers Sander