Monday 16 May 2016

Some Dark Ages Scenery


From tomorrow on I will be taking a "Hobby-Leave" for some time. Why is that? Well tomorrow 77 of my graduate pupils will be taking their final test in History and I will have to correct all their work. It will take me quite a while to get finished so that's why I have taken all spare time I had recently to paint some stuff.

On show today are some NPC Dark Ages miniatures.

First up some cattle from the GB farmyard animals set

Next some GB children from their Dark Ages civilians set

To top it off for today is one of the two Norse dwellings I obtained from Timeline Miniatures. I swapped the teddy-bear fur roof for plasticcard shingles and am pretty happy with the result.

The roof is lift-off and there's an elevated sleeping place inside the building, stupidly I forgot to take pictures. Perhaps in a week or two I'll rectify that.

Cheers Sander