Saturday 28 July 2012

WIP 3rd Dragoon Guards; part II


Blogger is playing up again! I've had this final part of the WIP ready and awaiting publication when Blogger went haywire on me: the concept post disappeared and another old post was forwarded to the blog main page... oh well, back to the drawing board it is.

Most of the colours used are Valejo. I will refer to them as VM for Valejo Model Colour and VG for Valejo Game colour. There are also some GW  paints I use and these will be duly called GW. We left off the WIP with me having finished the basics on most horse flesh so now on the horse furniture and stuff.

Some, but not all, horses tails and manes were done up in VM German Camouflage Black and the shabraques were based in VM Pale Sand as base for white parts and VG Scarlett Red for all red parts

The Drummers horse was done in VM German Camouflage Black and highlighted by adding Pale Sand and drybrushing.

Next I painted all trimmings with VM Yellow Ochre.

All horse furnishings and the holster covers were then done up in VM Black and the white area's were done in VM Foundation white

The yellow trimmings now received a highlight with VM Deep Yellow

A very fine line of Scarlett Red was painted in the middle of the yellow lines

The black was highlighted with German Camo Black and the red parts received a highlight with...erm, well...VM Red obviously.... I also added some socks to some of the horses. The white socks were done in Pale Sand, the black ones in German Camo Black.

I drybrushed a light layer of VM French Mirage Blue over all black horse manes and tails and used VM Old Gold for the fittings of the reins and the pistol holsters

The saddle bags were up next and got a base layer of VM Deep Sea Blue

A highlight of VM Dark Blue Grey was added to them.

With the horses of the troops pretty much done I went to work on the bases, first a layer of GW Bestial Brown was painted on

A layer of VM German Camouflage Orange Ochre (jeeze what a mouth full!) was applied

Followed with a final highlight of Pale Sand. On the picture you can also see the musket I added in the first part of this WIP and this, together with the pistols on the drummers horse were painted with VM Hull Red, VM Natural Steel and VM brass.

 The horses were basically done so I added the riders. Now since these are Revell figures they tend to flake enormously, even when all precautions are taken, so the riders were coated in a layer of GW 'ardcoat. This is a gloss varnish and thus I needed to spray them with a matt varnish as well, so after fitting the riders to their horses but before adding flock I coated the unit in GW Purity Seal from a spray can.

 All I needed to do now was add flock and some railway modelling flowers and hey presto: the 3rd Dragoon Guards are ready to take the field!

Cheers Sander

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Friday 27 July 2012

Feels like Boxing Day!


Remember me telling you that I was going to start a new 28mm plastics project? Well today a big box from Northstar arrived filled to the brim with nice and shiny new toys, do I feel like a young boy on Boxing Day or what!

The package contained 4 boxed sets of Ancient Greeks:

The boxed sets pictured here are: 1 Ancient Greek Hoplites, 2 Classic Greek Hoplites and 3 Spartan Hoplites. "That's only 3 boxes, where's the other one?" I hear you say, well it will just have to remain a secret until I get it finished. If you fancy a guess, go ahead and post it in a comment perhaps I'll let you in on the little secret when you guess it right.

For all people not interested in Ancient History (pun intended) here are some pictures of my two Revell Sopwith Camel biplanes. I love these little rascals. These Biplane kits are about the only kits I can put together with some decent result.And each and every one of them had an unique colour-scheme at that!  Just you wait till I have time to do my Albatrosses!

Cheers Sander

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Freebooters Fate Part II


As you can see, today brings an interruption from the usual historical stuff with some Freebooter's Fate miniatures. These were given to me for my B-day by AM a while ago and the Imperial starter box mini's are ready! In the end I like the handgunners best. They are simple but handsome figures and make for a nice paint. I accidentally got the bases of the officers wrong: they should both have the same colour decking. Oh well, let's be getting us some pirates!

The entire group:
Male officer:

Female officer:

The handgunners:

I've painted them up pretty much from the box artwork. With the male officer I had to keep myself from giving him a red cloak, black suite and a drop of blood slipping from his lips... The female handgunner has this absurd leather harness, which would be really uncomfortable for any woman let alone one with such an erm...ample chest as this one... All in all nice figures and I am quite content with how they turned out.

Cheers Sander

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Wednesday 25 July 2012

Vorwärts! Update: Varell Regiment


In our "Vorwärts" Series, today we present the Franconian Regiment Varell. There's a bit of a story behind my choice of uniform as you can see that it differs from the one shown in the Kronoskaf file. The file mentions that the lads might have worn yellow waistcoats, me being more of an arty-farter then a stickler for authenticity, I seized the opportunity. Some years ago I was a vey avid "Cossacks" gamer. This is a PC RTS game in which you can fight your way through 18th century Europe. Now each nation had it's own specialty troops and then the rest were regulars that were common to everyone. The Saxons had a grenadier type and they wore blue with yellow uniforms. I always wanted to paint a regiment like that; now that opportunity came.

Hope you like em even if they are not entirely accurate...

Cheers Sander

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Monday 23 July 2012

WIP 3rd Dragoon Guards; part I


As promised I will start the WIP on my next 7YW unit: The British 3rd Regiment of Dragoon Guards. I started out with base-coating the figures in Army Painter Rat Fur. This is a reddish brown which is very nice for buildings, terrain features but also for doing horses.

I hate doing horses so anything to make the process go faster is welcome. Therefore I used a wash of Valejo Game colours ink Skin Wash 72.093, to give the horses coats a bit more body.

Next up I gave some of the horses, but not all, black manes with Valejo German Camouflage Black.

This was followed by the drummer's horse, they were grey, receiving the same colour as basecoat.

Next up will be all the base tones for the rest of the details, they will follow in Part II of this WIP.

Cheers Sander

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Sunday 22 July 2012


As said on the other blog: it's rather a special day today: exactly 200 years ago the Battle of Salamanca took place! I'm a bit sorry that the diorama is not ready to commemorate this feat but hey you can't have it all!

Cheers Sander

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