Thursday 30 July 2009

WW1 Russian Army

Dear Folks!

An old-time favourite and long running project has finally been finished! With this I have come back to the basics again: the very first test-shots I painted for HäT were the Russian WW1 Heavy weapon set Now I managed to create an entire Russian Army.

Down below is the Army in total

The picture below is of the officers of the Battalion HQ: general, flag bearer and signaller. All HäT figures.

Not all troops are HäT most notably are the Russian Hussars pictured here. I combined two Strelets sets (Don Cossacks and Hussars) with the horses of Italeri's Scots Greys I do not like Strelets in general but they are the only ones at the moment who seem to be producing WW1 cavalry sets. HäT have some brilliant masters up on their forum so there will eventually be those to use and I can't wait!

1st Company Command squad with converted Banner and heavy weapons crew as command figures, showing the versatile nature of this Heavy Weapon set.

Yet again a picture of the Hussars (I hate the blogger-way of uploading pictures!)

The machine gun pictured here is made by Retrokit and done in Resin they have some brilliant WW1 sets to complement existing ranges, I got mine from

The close observer will note that some of the figures used are in fact old ESCI Crimea figures. Most notably one gun-crew and some figures to complete the infantry squads. I also used HäT French 75mm guns as no real set of the Putilov is available, again HäT has one in the works and I just have to be patient. For the army-list I used an experimental list I found on the
Bases are mostly 2 and 5 eurocent coins and some GW bases, finished in my usual method.
Hope you like them!

Cheers Sander

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