Friday 28 February 2014

Han shot first!


Yes you've got that right: another episode in our ongoing West End Games Star Wars saga. Today I bring you the most famous sci-fi-shoot-out victim of all times: poor old Greedo.

The figure is quite nice but suffers from the same symptoms almost all these West End Games mini's do: bad  detailing. Correct that what I mean to say is that quite a lot of detail is added to the miniatures but since there's loads of flash and casting-seams coupled with the lack of crispness of casting, the mini's are a pain to get right sometimes.

On the subject of getting it right: the colours used for Greedo's outfit are rather freely interpreted, good and decent colour pictures of this famous character are hard to come by so I had to make a sort of a judgement call; I hope you'll agree.

As far as the controversy, hinted at in the title of today's post, is concerned: Han did shoot first and it makes him a proper rogue and an even more proper scoundrel.

Fly Casual! Sander

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