Sunday 19 May 2013

Draconis Combine, battletroops


Another small update today. If you frequent Jan-Willem's blog, you will have seen his post regarding te selling of some old school Classic Battletech 28mm figures. These figures, in this scale, are called battletroops and JW (also known as Pijlie) had two large platoons. One DC and one Steiner platoon complete with support weapons. For more diversity in poses he had mixed the Steiner and Combine troops and painted them in about the right colours.

Being enough of a purist at heart, I've sorted them back out so they will be with their friends again. The Draconis Combine troops have been re-based (on lasered bases by Mark)  and have base-coated them. Last week I gave myself some time to do one testfigure. Having finished this I was amazed at how easy they paint up. When I have more time available, always the problem, I will finish the lot.

For now here are some pictures of the testfigure.

Cheers Sander

Listening to: "Alternative 4" by Anathema.