Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Captivated audience!


A short post for today only, I managed to get some random figures done. These were cluttering up the desk for some time as things go.

The figures shown here are 18th Century captives from the Old Glory Pirate range. I tried to paint both high- and low class captives for the pirates to ransom. Yet these could equally be used as objectives in a Hero Quest game or so.

Anyway as school has started again I am off to work!

Cheers Sander

Friday, 17 August 2018

Yo Joe!


Let's put the pedal to the metal with some iconic GI joe vehicles today. I have the AWE Striker (3d prints) and the VAMP Mk I (old Die-cast collectable) in offering for you today.

The Striker is the first vehicle my brother and me were able to by back in the Olden Days and for me nothing says early Joe series as the Striker.

The second vehicle shows Crankcase and Footloose as crew, these are from the private project of which I obtained a large portion which I am still working on.To get them to fit the vehicle I had to cut off their feet.

The VAMP is a brilliant vehicle of which I obtained 3 of the old Die-cast collectables. While the VAMP is perfect for 28mm figures (just like the HAL, FLAK and MMS) most of the others are not compatible in this scale.

I only have 1 complete VAMP the others were missing the rollbars and the guns, I converted 1 of the incomplete ones into a special missions version.


Friday, 10 August 2018

Some scenery


It has been a while since my last post but I have at least had opportunity to paint some stuff. Today I'd like to show you some scenery items I have been busy with.

Let's start with some silo's, these are basically the legs of a plastic cabinet for the garden shed. You can build it in two ways: in a big high cabinet or two small ones, I did the former and thus had some sets of legs left over. I thought they'd make some nice LOS blockers.

Next up some TTCombat Venice groundworks and a harbour pier.

Some of the nautical scatter on the terrain is glued on and some of it is left separate, it's also from TTCombat, from their resin range.

All these terrain pieces are meant to give a more modern look to the Venice set I have gotten a while ago. I still have loads of the base modules to create canals for Venice or a different canal-filled city to do.

Cheers for now!

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Fortress "De Schans" on Texel.


While on holiday vacation on the small Dutch isle of Texel, the boys, my wife and I visited the small fortress of "de Schans". Build during the 80 Years War or Dutch Revolt to safeguard VOC shipping, the fortress was enlarged in 1811 after Boney himself visited the Island on his tour through the Netherlands.

Above: view from the fortress ramparts. Below: two views of the only gun still emplaced there.

The main-gate, seen from the inside of the fort.

While most of the fort is covered in earth, it was originally a brick building.

Driveway and drawbridge leading up to the main gate.

View from the road towards the glacis 

My youngest tries to help dad read the information-sign.

To the right of the building (a waterpump to keep the area dry) one can see the silouette of the fort.


A large part of the seawards-facing fortifications have been re-used to build dikes to keep the nearby town of Oudeschild dry. The present dike is easily 4 meters higher than the fort, therefore making it rather difficuldt to shoot at shipping at this time.

 At this moment in time I have no plans to do anything hobbywise with this, but who knows in the future.

Cheers Sander

Monday, 9 July 2018



Summer holiday has started so I finally found time to get cracking with my Venice scenery project.

For my birthday I got the TT Combat Venice deal, i.e. the big set.

So I started on some regular dwellings and some of the plateaus forming the base for the city.

While this is basically meant to be Mediterranean scenery, I will try to make them a bit more generic for use with several different game systems. I am thinking of GI Joe (Black Ops), HeroQuest, Mordheim, Fistful of Kung Fu and perhaps some post apocalyptic gaming.

Monday, 28 May 2018



As I said in my last post things have been busy. Mostly with work as I had to correct the final exams and am awaiting the "second correction" which is a lot of work awaiting me soon. So I have had no real opportunity to post anything about the school trip to the UK I helped organise for 88 of our pupils and some 9 co-workers to the lovely region of Kent.

While there I tried to sneak in some hobby related stops and managed rather well. At Rochester I managed to locate the Rochester Games and Model shop (thanks Lee for the hint) and it is a great shop with a large assortment of goodies and nice helpful staff at that.

We also visited the Chatham Naval Docks Museum. While there we could have a look at the 3 historic vessels present and had a workshop at the ropery where the kids were allowed to make some real hemp rope (apparently 300 miles of the stuff was needed on an average ship of the line).

Some pictures of HMS Gannet:

HMS Cavalier with HM Submarines Ocelot in the background

HM Submarine Ocelot:

We went in the submarine and there's some movies of me in there that we will not be showing the wider public....

During our visit of Hastings I actually managed to meet up with Master Michael Awdry of the Fabled Awdry Towers, but like the big boobies we are we totally forgot to make a picture :-( Without overreacting: this must have been my personal highlight of the trip, so thanks M!

At the end of the trip a visit to London was planned and I just had to get into Hamley's to get the boys something and luckily I managed to find Arthur some Transformers action figures as well as a selfie with his great Hero Optimus Prime.

Meanwhile on the hobby front I have managed to paint the Human team for Blood Bowl by now as well as some more GIJoe vehicles and crew. I hope to feature them soon(ish).

Cheers Sander