Monday, 23 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 3


 Another batch of Challenge posts up for you guys right now! Let's start with some 40k goodies. While the new gameplay is humongously complicated with all the special rules, abilities, stratagems, objectives and whatnot, the miniatures and background are still only second to CBT. So here is my re-paint of some old favourites: Gaunt's Ghosts. Not the ghastly new models, no I still swear by the old metal ones. Gaunt himself is missing because I am rather afraid of messing him up...


The second post for today is more Blood Bowl stuff. Some years ago (it must have been 2018 or 2019) I bought Mark a Skaven team, which he then misplaced. When we re-discovered Blood Bowl and started playing in seriousness, he bought a second team and...predictably found his original team. Since his eyesight doesn't allow him to paint anymore, I painted up the first 12 of his rats for him as well as an old white metal star player for myself. Enjoy!


Cheers Sander

Monday, 16 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 2



More Challenge posts for you to peruse! The first post for today is one in which Battletech features heavily. I have always loved this game and it is still gowing from strength to strenght with all the new stuff Catalyst Game Lab is churning out these days. As I also like the old 80's Cartoons I grew up on a lot, I jumped at the chance to paint some Transformers looking mechs ;-)


Next up is another Blood Bowl team, this is an old skool Ork team I painted up for my co-worker Menno who wanted them done in fresh and clean colours so: ERE WE GO! ERE WE GO!


Both these entries were listed in the CHallenge subsegment called the Galaxy Quadrant and while I had intended to go to all locations, a house renovation that went along earlier than planned threw a spanner in the works and I had to cease painting for 2,5 weeks!

Oh well, more to come next week!

Monday, 9 May 2022

Challenge Memories Part 1!



Today we start our tour down Challenge Memory Lane with links to my first two posts for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge Season 12.

First up is my starting post of a great pair of miniatures by Wargames Illustrated: the Christmas Truce 1914 soccer match. I really wanted these figures for a long time and got a chance to buy them at the last Crisis convention from the WI booth directly. Here's the result!



The next  link will sent you off to the figures from the core box of the game Mansions of Madness. This is a Cthullu miniature game Roel asked me to paint for him, the quality of the figures is awful but the game seems to be rather nice. 


That's all for today some more links will be up in a week!

Cheers Sander

Monday, 2 May 2022

A Year in review...5 months late!


What can I say? Life has been...trying to say the least. I have not been idle on the hobby front but rather idle on the Blog front. I still find it hard to find the motivation to upload pictures to the blog and write these posts as I can use the very same time to paint figures too! 

2021 has come and gone in the blink of an eye and I totally forgot to do a review. I will try to rectify that here right now as it is long overdue. That said I also need to say some stuff regarding the last AHPC. Arthur and myself participated again this year and I even managed to win the Challengers Choice for this Challenge. While I am mighty proud about this, I am even more proud of the Lad who has discovered the joy of painting for it's own sake, rather then get painted miniatures on the table to be able to game with them. Over the coming weeks/ months I will publish links to posts of the last Challenge here for those who have missed my entries in the Challenge under the header of: "Challenge Memories", combined with some all new posts.

So okay let's go ahead with the year's review shall we?

Well let's see what I did in numbers this last year!


 Ancients: 2

Napoleonics: 60

WW2: 2 vehicles and 92 figures

Other Historical figures: 40 figures

Dark Ages: 0

Indian Mutiny:0

Pulp Games:0

Harry Potter Games:2

GI JOE: 3 vehicles and 10 figures

General Fantasy: 53 figures

Terrain: 8 large pieces

Heroquest: 11


Great War: 0

Colonial Period:0

 Seven Years War: 24 figures


22 mechs


Crimean War: 0

ACW: 105

Star Wars Legion

0 vehicles 

21 figures

Warhammer 40K:

1 vehicle

25 figures

Project Laarden 1702:

4 figures

This makes for 460 painted miniatures and 3 vehicles as well as 8 terrain pieces of rather large scale. That's 2021 settled I guess.

So what has 2022 brought us so far? There's a great gaming group in town which I have more or less joined. More or less, since the nice people over there mainly play board and card games (not really my cup of tea to be honest) but a fair amount of figure games as well. The management has seen fit to dedicate their gamespace to miniature games each first Friday of the month and we'll start this Friday. On top of that I have started a Blood Bowl craze in that group and it's mighty fun! So I have been painting BB teams as an idiot, I have painted an Ork team for Menno, a Snotling team for FLGS owner and Club leader Martijn, a Skaven team for my buddy Mark, an Ogre team for Roel and now another Snotling team for Linda... In between I have also finally finished my own Darf team and gotten many new teams I still have to paint.

Here are some pictures of the highligts of last year and in the future I will post some more stuff as stated above.

 Menno's Ork Team

 Some of the mechs I have painted for CBT

 Mansions of Madness figures I have painted for Roel:

The incredibly cool Ankh Game figures I have painted for Martijn:

The 2 Laarden 1702 vignettes on which more info will follow soonish!

Cheers Sander

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Killteam Review!




This post has been a bit longer in the waiting than I had expected but as usual life interfered. .

The new version of Killteam unboxed! Sometimes it's convenient to be one of the housepainters of your FLGS. When the owner of said store asked me if I would like to receive the new boxed set a bit earlier in order to write a promotional  "Unboxing review" I jumped at the opportunity.

 Kill Team: Octarius

This new box contains a healthy amount of figures, terrain and other game necessities, I will try to describe everything as completely as possible. A thorough analysis of the rules will have to wait since I haven't had the chance to read the books fully yet., I can however say that there's quite a lot of deviations from the former version. Some of these can be gleaned from the website of the game itself Killteam .


Upon opening the box, one is greeted by a large amount of sprues containing the figures and terrain pieces. Let's have a look at them shall we?

The terrain pieces:

Some of the sprues are included twice in order to make two identical pieces. All buildings put together combine them to a large Orc Fortress.

The Death Korps of Krieg:

The Orc Kommandos


The sprues contain enough pieces to create 10 Death Korps soldiers, as well as 10 Orc Kommandos, 1 Gretchin and 1 Squig. 

Barricades and rulers: 

The sprues are separated from other game items by a cardboard devider with the box-art upon it.


There's 10 dice (orange with black dots, without a faction logo those are available separately), cardboard tokens, two identical sets of cards, a sturdy cardboard playing board, printed on both sides and 3 books; a guide to put together the figures and buildings, the rulebook and a book describing the war in the Octarius Sector (is it strange that I call it the "ORCtarius sector" in my mind?) the latter also contains the rules for the Death Korps en Orc Killteams as well as scenarios for said Octarius War.

Finally two sheets of decals for the Orcs and Death Korps are included. The Death Korps sheet has markings for Infantry (regimental numbers) vehicle markings, campagne markings and markings to create a minefield.

The sheet for the Orcs general glyphs and symbols as well as symbols for all major Orc Clans.  

All contents are produced in GW's rather high quality apart from the dice, they look a bit cheap but suffice for their means. The figures are not mono-pose, which is nice, but the Death Korps figures are far more flexible then the Orcs. The latter basically have two arm- and head options, the arms of the DKoK figures are pretty much interchangeable between almost all figures.

Are there downsides to this set? Well I can think of a few; GW could have provided a zip-bag for the tokens and dice. The gaming board and buildings are distinctly "Orcy" while in theme with the Orctarius Sector it rather limits the use of them. I really do not understand the decission of GW to drop inches as a means to measure distances in place of the symbols used here.

In all I think the new Killteam is great value for money, quite a lot of shops have already sold out my FLGS, Het Hobbelpaardje in Roermond, still has some if you are interested.

Sometime soon I hope to be able to show some of the contents here on the blog. Whether I will be using them with the rules as GW has intended or with a different ruleset I really don't know.

Cheers Sander



Thursday, 26 August 2021

Killteam Unboxed!



This will be a rather special post as I will try to write it both in Dutch and in English, today I am uploading the Dutch version and later this week I will put up an English translation, so my English speaking friends will have to make do with the pictures as we say in Dutch "Luckily we still have the pictures" ;-) .


De nieuwe versie van Killteam unboxed! Soms is het handig om één van de huisschilders te zijn van je Vriendelijke Lokale Spellen Winkel, toen men mij vroeg of ik wellicht een "Unboxing verslag" voor de nieuwe versie van het Killteam spel van Games Workshop wilde maken, greep ik die kans natuurlijk met beide handen aan.

 Kill Team: Octarius

Deze doos bevat een gezonde hoeveelheid figuren, terrein en andere spelbenodigdheden, ik zal proberen zo duidelijk mogelijk alles te benoemen. Een beschrijving van de spelregels zal moeten wachten, want ik heb nog geen kans gehad om de boeken goed door te nemen, maar ik kan al wel aangeven dat die  afwijken van de vorige versie, meer informatie hierover is ook te vinden op de website van Killteam zelf.


Als men de doos open doet treft men de grote hoeveelheid plastic rekjes aan die alle figuren en gebouwen bevatten.  Gaan we die een voor een langs dan zien we het volgende,

De gebouwen:

Enkele van deze rekjes zitten 2 maal in de doos zodat hetzelfde gebouw ook 2 maal kan worden gebouwd.

De figuren van het Death Korps of Krieg:

De Orc Kommandos


De rekjes bevatten genoeg onderdelen om 10 soldaten van het Death Korps te maken, alsmede 10 Orc Kommandos, 1 Gretchin en 1 Squig. 

Barricades en speltoebehoren: 

Andere speltoebehoren bevinden zich onder een stuk karton om ze tegen beschadiging door het plastic te beschermen.


Deze omvatten 10 dobbelstenen (oranje met zwarte stippen en zonder factie logo, die zijn apart verkrijgbaar), kartonnen tokens, twee identieke sets met kaarten, een stevig kartonnen speelveld dat bedrukt is aan twee zijden, drie boekwerken; een gids om de figuren en gebouwen in elkaar te zetten, het regelboek en een boek dat de oorlog in de Octarius Sector (is het gek dat ik die in mijn hoofd de ORCtarius sector noem?) beschrijft waarin ook de regels voor de Death Korps en Orc Killteams beschreven worden alsmede de scenarios voor de Octarius Oorlog.

Als laatste zijn er dan twee blaadjes met watertransfers (decals) voor de Orcs en Death Korps. Op het Death Korps blaadje staan markeringen voor Infantry (regiments nummers) voertuig markeringen, campagne markeringen en markeringen om een mijnenveld aan te geven.

Voor de Orcs zijn er algemene symbolen, maar ook symbolen voor alle grote bekende Orc Clans.  

De uitvoering van dit alles is van een relatief hoge kwaliteit en oogt degelijk, de figuren zijn gelukkig niet in een mono pose, maar met onderling uitwisselbare armen gemaakt en met name de Death Korps figuren bieden hierdoor veel flexibiliteit. 

Zijn er dan geen minpunten te bedenken? Nou een paar kleine dingen dan; zo had het GW gesierd als ze een zip-bag hadden toegevoegd om de tokens en dobbelstenen in te doen. De dobbelstenen ogen van een wat mindere kwaliteit, maar hebben het juiste aantal stippen dus voldoen, met factie dobbelstenen voor de Orcs, Death Korps, Adeptus Astartes en Chaos verkrijgbaar hoeft dat echter geen probleem te zijn. Bovendien kun je nooit genoeg dobbelstenen hebben en hier is dan een mooi excuus om nieuwe te kopen nietwaar? Het speelbord en de gebouwen hebben een overduidelijk "Orc-achtig" thema en wellicht was het handiger om meer algemene gebouwen te gebruiken om meerdere strijdtonelen mee te creëren.

Afsluitend ben ik blij verrast met de inhoud van deze prachtig uitgevoerde doos voor Killteam, op verschillende sites is de doos al uitverkocht, mijn FLGS, Het Hobbelpaardje in Roermond, heeft er nog een aantal staan die vanaf zaterdag de 28e augustus te koop zijn. 

Hopelijk kan ik in de toekomst wat van de beschilderde figuren en gebouwen uit de doos hier laten zien.

Cheers Sander