Monday, 18 February 2019

AHPC update


No less than 3 post are live on the Challenge site.

Two earlier ones (dating February 12th) are these:

- Heroquest

- GI Joe vehicles

Today the Water feature bonusround went live, so a vote would appreciated
Look for "SanderS All aboard!" in the list of links to the right of your screen in the webversion of your device.

Friday, 18 January 2019

AHPC Post II is live


Meanwhile my second post for the Challenge has been online for some time now. So you might want to drop in and have a peak.

Cheers Sander

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

AHPC Post 1 is up


My first regular weekday post for AHPC IX is online

Go and check it out!

Cheers Sander

Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Out with the Old and well in with the Old as well!


 That's right people it's that time of the year for a short recap of last year. Also, the AHPC number IX is well on it's way and I have yet to post about my preparations for this grand event.

So let's start with the recap of 2018; what did I paint and what conclusions can we make out of this?

Napoleonic Wars: 6 miniatures.... shaming truly, the less said the better...

Large terrain pieces: 9 larger buildings were finished, that's none too shabby.

WW1: 1 vehicle... yeah I know...

28mm Historicals:  15 figures, this is always a collection bin category in which figures can  be put that don't fit in with others. So yeah no worries it's okay.

CBT: 2 mechs; I will need to amend that during this year's Challenge.

Fantasy (28mm): 29 figures were done, mostly with the intention of using them with HQ

Sci Fi (28mm): 5 figures

Colonial: 12 figures were done.

Dark Ages: 4 figures

GI Joe: 3 figures and 9 vehicles were painted, rest assured more will follow.

Indian Mutiny: 22 figures finished

Heroquest: 70 miniatures done; ow jee that's even more than I expected myself...

Pulp: 5 figures

Blood Bowl: 24 figures

40K (mostly Necromunda): 45 figures

Total: 261 figures

 So yeah, what to think of that? Basically the prime focus of 2018's painting was upon 28mm Sci-Fi and Fantasy, again mainly due to Herouest and the games played at the schoolclub. I need, or at least think I need, figures for specific scenario's or cards (more on the latter later) and as such it's a big drive for my painting. Recently I have taken the opportunity to get into those GW specialist games like Blood Bowl and Necromunda that I would have loved to own back in the days of tight gaming budgets and now am able to obtain. All these old games (or rather new depending on your point of view) also give me a chance to revisit old figures that now lie un-used. Necromunda has given me the opportunity to get out my old Gaunt's Ghosts which I have now primed to be painted and used as a gang in Vervunhive. The same is true for my Dark Angels: there's a new high quality toy store in town who now sell Army Painter and GW produce and asked me to paint their First Strike demo figures. I did and as reward I received a box of Primaris Intercessor marines. I painted 5 as Blood Angels and gave back to them to use as an alternative to the Vanilla Marines and the other 5 I gave to Arthur who now has fallen in love with Space Marines, rekindling my own obsession with the Firtst Chapter, many of which await painting eagerly.

As for the Painting Challenge: I have put up our first post HERE and it's great fun to participate this year again. I plan to get quite some stuff done and since I am no longer a Minion (thank the Gods for that!), I might have actually got time to get a dent in the lead pile.

There's a few themes for what I want to paint in the Challenge, but I have no real plan like I wanted to follow last year and abandoned right from the start. The Challenge's own theme is "Fellowship" and strangely enough quite a lot of the things I want to enter are Fellowship related. Besides that the other theme is GW Boxed or Specialist Games with HQ, Necromunda, Blood Bowl and Blackstone Fortress all wanting my attention. Whether I will get into the Bonus-rounds is still under debate. It rather depends if I have anything appropriate lying around I will most certainly not get any new stuff for that as I did last year.

So there you have it. All the best for 2019 and happy painting!

Monday, 19 November 2018

Crisis 2018 - Part Two


Yeah yeah, I know this post is way too late, but real life and stuff keeps happening to me.
Anyway here we go! As Arthur and myself were staying at a hotel we were really well on time to...take our place in the cue in front of the doors. French, Dutch, Flemish, English and German was all heard in the parkinglot.

After the opening of the doors, the professional  way in which the people from TSOA managed to disperse the crowd was impressive.
Arthur decided we would pick up our pre-orders first, yet he got distracted by all the brilliant display tables right away. So in no particular order and without captions (sorry, I was trying to keep up with a 7 year old):

As usual Arthur took most of the pictures and thus some are a little unclear.
We met up with a lot of old friends, Johan, Hans and Martin, Good Ole Dave and Sir Roundwood himself. I missed out on friends like Paul and Stephan, but did meet up with new friends Sebastiaan and Karl whom I previously had only known from Facebook.

Dave and me...

Hans was there too, what a great moment to catch up.

Martin was kind enough to pose for a picture with the two of us (Hans took it, thanks mate).

We had a blast, the boy held out far longer than I would have guessed up front and indicated he would like to participate in some demos next year. Some more pictures of the great tables present.

The loot.
Last year I had money left when leaving the building, not so now. I bought pretty much everything I wanted when planning the trip excepting new paint which now I need to order online.
More on my loot later, let's look at the stuff Arthur bought. As he plays a Fire Wizzard (pun intended) in HQ, he needed a fire elemental which he got as well as a "wall of flames". He also wanted some mounted Romans, we ordered them from Foundry, and ended up buying a Ford Falcon (Mad Max's Interceptor) and a few Warlord Scots with bagpipe for his ongoing " band-project". Man it's hard to find a blister with a lot of mixed muscicians.

My loot was a bit more as you can see:

The big box is a Mantic Terrain Crate set, produced for their Dungeon Saga game but very usuable for other Dungeon Crawlers and even for filling your regular wargames buildings with furniture. The big box includes four regular sets. Each set is €30,- and this one cost €60,- so yes you get two for free, well I did at least.
The HäT boxes are some Peninsular Brits for the Salamanca Project and WW1 cyclists both German and Belgian. The remainder are some Foundry odds and bits to fill out existing projects like Indian Mutiny casualties and the like. I also re-subscribed on WI and got a load of freebees to go along that.

The only new project started is a 80YW Dutch gang from the Assault Group. The first figures are already done, more on that in another post soonish.

Well that concludes it for me for this year's event. As said the boy and myself enjoyed this really a lot and will be going again next year.

See ya!