Sunday 22 January 2017

Status Update and some Carolingians!


This update is long overdue, but real life is messing things up yet again. While I have made less progress in the Challenge than I wanted, I am steadily nibbling away at my 28mm unpainted pile and a post with my Carolingian foot soldiers is up at the Challenge Website HERE.

Some other things I wanted to mention here are two tech-innovations and a bit of GW news, well at least to me.

First up, for my Birthday I bought a Daylight Lamp, best thing to happening to me for pretty much all of 2017! This makes sooooo much difference while painting, you just cannot believe it!

The second innovation I tried out recently is "The Masters Brush Cleaners" it is also a revolution in cleaning your precious utensils!

Just yesterday evening I tried it on some older brushes and it worked brilliantly really worth a try! This tutorial shows you how it works.

Now GW has deemed it right to revert the White Dwarf back to it's old format and I bought the January issue and...had a blast reading it. At almost €10,- I find the price  a bit steep but it's a thick magazine with some very good and light reading articles in there. I will buy one on occasion.

For now that's all cheers Folks!